CHNA Board Meeting Minutes March 2017

Capital Heights Neighborhood Association

Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors

8 March 2016 6:15 pm


Present: Jacob Newsom, Tyler Hicks, Andy Carlson, Eric White, Emy Langlois, Addie Graffeo

Absent: Elise Read

Quorum present? Yes


1) Called to order

Meeting called to order at 6:15pm by Mr. Hicks at 5580 Government Street, Baton Rouge LA 70806.

2) Minutes

Minutes from February not available for signatures

3) Reports:

a) Financials:

 Current bank account balance: $3189.82

 Large decrease in member proceeds from this time last year, 34 members so far

b) Administration: has been hacked; Mr. Hicks to look into opening totally new page.

c) Meetings of community organizations:

 Midcity Redevelopment Alliance meeting:

o Frank Duke presented updated Government Street Overlay District guidelines

 Government St. to have its own rules separate from surrounding area

 New rule: no rooftop signage allowed on commercial buildings

 Quality building a must, but new rules should ease concerns of business

owners looking to move in

o Captain D’s

 Development has broken ground, must follow code and permits

 No Updates on Mid City Merchants or Federation of Greater Baton Rouge meetings

d) Beautification and Improvement:

 Beautification date set for March 11 – general trash clean up and starting on pocket park

 Mid City FixUp! Grant approved for pocket park, deadline of June/July for completion

 Damaged sign at S. Foster & Claycut has been fixed

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4) New & Ongoing Business

a) Claycut Bridge has been closed for bridge repair, with no major traffic problems reported

b) There are no set rules for the walking/biking paths that make sense for one way Capital Heights;

Bike BR will be asked for their opinion.

c) At the next board meeting, Denise Marcelle will bring a DOTD member to address the Government

Street Road Diet

d) Brainstorming to raise funds for CHNA

o Not sure of best way to reach residential members, discussion to be continued

o 70 membership requests have been sent to businesses by Mr. Hicks

o Board unanimously votes to spend $500 for 1000 postcard mailers to businesses (and

possibly residents)

e) Lamont Cole will hold a discussion in the near future about ways to calm traffic

o The focus will be on particular streets, starting with Rapides, rather than whole


f) Lamont Cole cancelled his planned Cinco De Mayo event

4) Newsletter

a) Add box for paying members whether or not to put their name in the next newsletter.

b) One resident asked to have a copy with large print; Will attempt to meet this request

c) Container for newsletter that will be attached to the Little Library at IUMC was ordered

d) Content: Bee Nice Concerts, April General Meeting, May 20th garage sale, pocket park

5) ADJOURNMENT: 7:20 pm

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