CHNA Board Meeting Minutes January 2017

Capital Heights Neighborhood Association

Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors

11 January 2017 6:30 pm


Present: Jacob Newsom, Tyler Hicks, Andy Carlson, Elise Read, Emy Langlois, and Addie


Absent: Eric White

Quorum present? Yes


1) Called to order

Meeting called to order at 6:40 pm by Mr. Hicks at 5580 Government Street, Baton Rouge

LA 70806.

2) Reports:

a. Financials:

Mr. Carlson reported that the month end December 2016 bank account

balance was $3,587.03. Recent major expenses included $1,876 paid under

the cooperative endeavor agreement with the Capital Heights Crime

Prevention and Improvement District

b. Attendance at meetings of community organizations:

Mid-city Redevelopment Authority: no meeting

City Center Development District: Mr. Hicks reported that the group is

considering its 2017 goals.

Greater Baton Rouge Federation of Civic Association: no report

c. Newsletter:

Discussion of articles to be included: date for April General Meeting, crime

district, membership drive, garage sales, potential article re real estate values.

There was discussion about the number of newsletters that needed to be

printed. It was decided that a bin of some sort would be attached to the Little

Library at the Ingelside Church to be a receptacle for newsletters for persons

who may want one.

d. Beautification and Improvement:

Regarding the status of a potential application to the Mid-City FixUp! Grant

program: Mr. Newsome reported that the city owns the land adjacent to the

proposed pocket park site, and that Councilman Cole is consulting with the city

on CHNA’s behalf concerning permission to use the site. It was decided that a

plan be made for a semi-permanent installation. The adjacent property owner

still needs to be consulted. Grant deadline is April.

3) New Business

a. 2017 Calendar:

April 9, 2017 for general meeting

May 20th for spring garage sale

Beautification day events, no dates yet

Membership drive, no date yet

b. Concerning the garage sale, Ms. Graffeo advised that she will be considering

coordination of the CHNA garage sale with those of adjacent neighborhoods. Mr.

Hicks moved that at least 50% of proceeds to CHNA from the spring garage sale be

donated to Youth Oasis, motion was adopted without objection.

c. Mr. Hicks advised that there is a group organizing a MidCity Mardi Gras Parade and

they have established a Facebook group.

d. Ms. Graffeo suggested a “welcome wagon” concept be explored with regard to new

neighbors. She will research this idea, based on reports of new property sales.

e. Mr. Hicks advised that there was a request for pine straw to be placed at the beds at

Ingleside Drive and that he would take care of it.

f. Mr. Hicks advised that Councilman Cole was holding a meeting to receive community input on

January 26, 2017 at the Grace Episcopal Church at 6:00 pm. Mr. Hicks will prepare a list of

concerns of the CHNA and provide that to Councilman Cole.

4) Ongoing Business

a. Membership:

Mr. Hicks will explore ways to do mailers for this purpose, which shall include

research about Shutterfly. He will report back concerning costs and other


Mr. Hicks will add to the membership from a place for consent that the name

be included in CHNA publications.

Mr. Hicks suggested that there be a membership drive at a Bee Nice Concert,

maybe in late April, after the general meeting.

b. Rapides and Richland traffic study:

Richland had 85% of traffic within 4 mph of the speed limit, and Rapides had

85% of traffic within 2 mph of speed limit.

c. Bee Nice Concerts:

Mr. Hicks will add a calendar on the website for the eleven Bee Nice concerts

planned for 2017, and include a format where people can sign up to volunteer

for a particular day.

d. Board members: All board members agreed to continue in their roles for 2017.

e. Administrative:

Mr. Hicks will give Mr. Carlson a key to the mailbox for which he will now be


Mr. Newsome and Mr. White have agreed to keep the website up to date

concerning members and payments.

Mr. Hicks will explore more use of the polling feature on the website.


5) ADJOURNMENT: 7:50 pm

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