CHNA Board Meeting Minutes June 2017

Capital Heights Neighborhood Association

Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors

21 June 2017    6:15 pm


Present:  Emy Langlois,  Addie Graffeo, Elise Read,  Andy Carlson, Eric White, and Grant Murphy

Absent:  Tyler Hicks and Jacob Newsome

Quorum present?  Yes




  • Called to order


Meeting called to order at 6:15pm by Ms. Langlois at 5580 Government Street, Baton Rouge LA 70806.  



  • Reports:


  1. a)  Financials  
  • Account balance on May 31, 2017 was $2,175.  To be deposited are $1,900 expected to be received soon from Mid-City Redevelopment Authority, and $100 cash on hand from sales at Bee Nice concerts.  


  1. b)   Newsletter:
  • Ms. Langlois stated that CHNA had received complaints from neighbors relative to inconsistency in the delivery of newsletters.  The matter was discussed and the board is glad to know that the newsletter is valued.   Increased effort will be made to ensure that newsletters are more consistently delivered throughout the neighborhood.  
  • Ms. Langlois advised that the next publication shall include advertising for Lettermens and Elbow Room for their sponsorship and assistance with the signage for the pocket park.


  1. c)   Beautification, improvement, and neighborhood infrastructure:
  • Ms. Langlois informed the board that the neighborhood sign on Foster Drive has again been destroyed by a car.  The repair is expected to cost $100.  Several board members suggested asking the city to consider adding some very reflective materials to the site.  Ms. Langlois will discuss this idea with Mr. Hicks.
  • Ms. Langlois advised that CHNA has received more complaints about the pace of the Claycut bridge construction and that she would contact Councilman Cole about it.  
  • Ms. Langlois reported that the Government Street Road Diet project design phase was 95% complete and that construction was expected to begin in Spring 2018.


  1. d)   Membership:  
  • Ms. Langlois advised that new memberships and corporate sponsorships are still increasing.   
  • Red Stick Spice has offered to participate in a fund raising event with CHNA.
  • Mr. Murphy suggested that CHNA consider participating in the “Parking Day” coordinated by the Mid-City Studio (a local nonprofit), to be held on September 14, 2017.  He suggested that the event may be an opportunity for Red Stick Spice to help CHNA.  Ms. Langlois will contact Red Stick Spice.


  1. e)   Community organizations:  
  • General discussion was had concerning attendance of board members at meetings of the Federation of Greater Baton Rouge Civic Associations, which meets the second Thursday of the month at the Main Library on Goodwood Blvd.   Mr. Murphy volunteered to cover the meeting for June.  It was decided that a formal rotation schedule for the board members to take turns attending this meeting should be established at the July 12, 2017 board meeting.


3)  New Business

  1. a)   Upcoming Bee Nice concert, Mr. Hicks and Ms. Langlois to attend.  Mr. White and Ms. Read will work the July 14th event and will learn about procedures at the July 12th board meeting.


  1. b)   Ms. Graffeo suggested that the board consider approaching the Lauren Savoy Olinde Foundation with regard to a sail shade for the pocket park.  The members agreed that that idea would be worth pursuing and Ms. Graffeo volunteered to follow up on this concept.


  1. c)  Ms. Graffeo advised that the date for the next Neighborhood Garage Sale is October 28, 2017.  Discussion was had and it was decided that any CHNA proceeds from the event would go to Youth Oasis.


  1. d)  Mr. Carlton suggested that the board consider provision of child care services during CHNA events such as clean up days, or meetings, etc.  This would not include Bee Nice concerts.  Ms. Graffeo volunteered to provide this.   It was agreed that discussion of this matter be continued at the July 12, 2017 meeting.


4)  Ongoing Business

  1. a)   Annual meetings.  Discussion was had concerning changing the annual meeting date to a weeknight, such as Wednesday, April 2nd, 2018.  It was understood that bylaws may need to be amended concerning this, and that a motion may be necessary to notwithstand the bylaws and hold the meeting on a day other than a weekend.  This issue will be considered further at a future meeting.



III.   ADJOURNMENT:  Motion by Ms. Langlois to adjourn at 7:07pm, adopted without objection.

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