CHNA Board Meeting Minutes May 2017

Capital Heights Neighborhood Association

Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors

May 2017    6:15 pm



Present:  Tyler Hicks, Addie Graffeo, Emy Langlois, and Andy Carlson

Absent:  Eric White, Jacob Newsome, and Elise Read

Quorum present?  Yes

Others present:  Grant Murphy and Todd Talbert




  • Called to order


Meeting called to order at 6:15pm by Mr. Hicks at 5580 Government Street, Baton Rouge LA 70806.  



  • Reports:


  1. a)  Financials  
  • Account balance $2,508.60, with checks and cash on hand to be deposited yields a balance of $3,115.  Crime District owes $2,314.20 which is due in the first quarter of 2018.


  1. b)   Newsletter:
  • Articles for next issue are due May 21, to include dog waste drainage, toys, park party, Government Street overlay, real estate market in the neighborhood, bike lane striping, new schedule for Bee Nice concerts, expansion of Brew HaHa, and a recap of the spring general meeting.


  1. c)   Beautification and Improvement:
  • Park project completion date is by or before June 8th and volunteers are needed to finish.
  • Jefferson Highway bed project is due in June.
  • Mr. Hicks negotiated a proposal to include within the ordinance governing the Government Street overlay project a 50 foot upper limit on building heights.  This will be considered by the Metropolitan Council on May 17th.
  • Bike lanes were repainted on Capital Heights Avenue, with assistance from Councilman Cole.  


  1. d)   Website:  
  • Restored to 80% functionality.


  1. e)   Membership:  
  • 71 resident members, and 7 corporate members of which 4 are new
  • Postcards were sent to businesses at a cost of $390.  There remain 500 postcards with the company Postcard Mania, which can be mailed at a later date to be determined by the board.


3)  New Business

  1. a)   Upcoming Bee Nice concert, Mr. Hicks and Ms. Langlois to attend.


  1. b)   Hot Art Cool Nights


  1. c)  New board members:
  • Mr. Todd Talbert and Mr. Grant Murphy would like to join the board.  
  • Executive session of the board during which the board voted to add Mr. Grant Murphy as a board member.  Consideration of adding Mr. Todd Talbert to the board was deferred.


  1. d)    Mr. Carlson moved that the board consider at a later date the potential for the provision of child

care service during CHNA events, such service to be at the expense of CHNA.


4)  Ongoing Business

  1. a)   Garage sale:  
  • May 20th.  Volunteers are needed to get maps printed, signs delivered, and communicate with St. Vincent DePaul to coordinate pickups.


III.   ADJOURNMENT:  Motion by Ms. Langlois to adjourn at 7:07pm, adopted without objection.

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