CHNA Board Meeting Minutes February 2017

Capital Heights Neighborhood Association

Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors

15 February 2017 6:15 pm


Present: Tyler Hicks, Addie Graffeo, Emy Langlois, Jacob Newsom, Andy Carlson, Eric White, and Elise Read

Absent: none

Quorum present? Yes


1) Called to order

Meeting called to order at 6:15pm by Mr. Hicks at 5580 Government Street, Baton Rouge LA 70806.

2) Reports:

a) Financials:

 Month end January 2017 bank account balance was $3,232.04.

b) Meetings of community organizations:

 Midcity Redevelopment Authority has postponed their next meeting to March 2, 2017, at

which Frank Duke is expected to present changes to the Zoning Code and the Government

Street Overlay project.

c) Newsletter:

 Next issue will be in April.

 New advertisers.

 Motion by Ms. Langlois to buy a small mail box for storage of extra newsletters, to be

attached to the little library box in front of the church, adopted without objection.

 Newsletter will contain a “check-off” box where a new member can authorize the listing of

their name under “new members” in the newsletter.

d) Beautification and Improvement:

 General discussion of potential design and materials for the pocket park under

consideration for Capital Heights at Ward Creek. The project has been approved by the

Dept of Public Works, and Councilman Cole plans to present the issue for approval at the

next Metro Council meeting.

 Regarding the damage to the Jefferson Highway sign and planting beds due to a vehicular

accident, discussion was had concerning how the repairs might be made.

 Mr. Hicks intends to submit the list of improvements recommended for Capital Heights

roadways in the CPEX Street Smarts Plan to city officials for the purpose of potential

inclusion in the new city budget.

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 Mr. Carlson requested that CHNA ask CPEX about any existing legal or best practice policies

concerning the proper side of a roadway for pedestrian traffic.

 The $500 grant from Neighborworks is still available for use.

4) New Business

a) Speeding: Mr. Newsom voiced concern over vehicular speeding on Wiltz Street, and how

this might increase due to the closure of the bridge on Claycut Road. Mr. White offered to

contact the supervisor for the bridge project to communicate these concerns.

4) Ongoing Business

a) Garage sale: General discussion was had concerning the garage sale scheduled for May 20 th .

Advertising for this event needs to start immediately.

b) A decision about the use of mailers was postponed.

c) Mr. Hicks reported that there are two BR City Police officers whose regular shift includes Capital


c) Mr. Hicks reported on the town hall meeting held by Councilman Cole recently at Grace

Episcopal Church, at which the councilman expressed his vision for the district as follows:

 Reduction and prevention of blight is a priority.

 There is intention to establish a city-wide monthly trash pickup.

 Areas for specific emphasis: repairs to roadway curbing, “highlighting” schools, and

community policing.

6) ADJOURNMENT: Motion by Ms. Langlois to adjourn at 7:30pm, adopted without objection.

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