June Board Meeting

Capital Heights Neighborhood Association

June 12, 2019


Members Present: Tyler Hicks, Grant Murphy, Emy Langlois

Members Absent: Addie Graffeo, Andy Carlson


Meeting: 6:00 at Curbside Burgers


Guests: Marlee Pittman, Susan Hymel



  • $ 3818.52 + $1000 from MCRA


Pocket Park:

  • New table – sign up for Mid City Redevelopment Alliance neighborhood grant
    • Paperwork due by July 8th, winners announced end of July, project to be completed by Oct 19th
  • Keep newsletter stash to refill box.  Check prices on extra color printouts vs black & white
  • New newsletter for July
  • New key made for message board – thank you Dave Mooney


  • Resident on Steele flooded.  Has been in contact with Lamont Cole & Fred Raiford w/ DPW, CHNA and MCRA to follow up with them.
  • Other resident had met with hydration expert, working with MCRA to possibly do a presentation for homeowners on what they can do to improve drainage in their yards


  • Garage Sale – Someone suggested to get new signs for October.  Check prices.
  • End of Summer kids’ event at Ingleside UMC: August 3rd 4-7 pm
    • Water slides, slip n slide, small blow up bouncy house for smallest kids
    • Hire lifeguard
    • Carnival games outside, adult and other kids games inside
    • Snowball stand, hamburgers, snacks, desserts
    • Possibly get free food from neighborhood businesses again, offer corporate membership with participation
  • Possible 9/11 interfaith service held at IUMC, Grace Mid City, and/or Bee Nice Park pending approval from these entities
    • Brunch and kids orchestra
  • Doggie event at Ingleside: 1st Saturday in October to coincide w/IUMC Blessing of the Pets


  • Do we want to join FGBRCA & MCM? Deferred
  • Merge CHNA calendar with MCRA calendar
  • Capital Heights Neighborhood Pool – explore possibilities for funding and location

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