CHNA 2019 Annual Meeting Minutes



DATE: Wednesday, April 10, 2019

START TIME: 6:25 pm

END TIME: 7:43 pm

LOCATION: Ingleside Methodist Church



President (acting) – Emy Langlois Accountant –  Andy Carlson

Vice-President (acting) – Grant Murphy Fundraising/Events – Open Position

Secretary (acting) – Addie Graffeo Members – Tyler Hicks


We would love to add an attorney and CPA to our board


2018-2019 BUDGET BREAKDOWN ~ $7,000.00

  • Current: $5,
  • Residential/Corporate Membership – $2,000 (we expect to get another $1,000)
  • Events – up to $1,000.00
  • T-shirts/Merchandise/Newsletters – up to $1,500.00
  • Beautification – up to $500.00
  • Landscaping – up to $3,000.00
  • Miscellaneous Items – up to $1000.00 (doggie station bags, secretary of state, water fountain)


PAST YEAR (2018)

  • Water Fountain – we listened to our neighbors at our last weekend and we got the water fountain. We were awarded a grant of $1,000 and spent $1,500 of our owns funds.



  • Pocket Park


      • Ideas – sun shades/sails, stationary umbrellas, building an arbor and planting vines, water mister
      • Mid City Redevelopment Grant – $1,000
        • A permanent table has been ordered and to replace the spool tables
      • New Message Board and Newsletter Holder
        • We will post the newsletters at the pocket parket.


  • Updates to Website
      • Google Calendar Link  is up and running on website


  • No-Knock Neighborhood
      • There are constant complaints about door-to-door soliciting
      • This is a simple document that will be signed and filed to make us a no-knock neighborhood
      • People can still knock, but Crime Prevention will intervene if an issue coomes about
    • Mid City Mardi Gras
      • CHNA float
      • We had a lot of fun and hope to do it again next year.


  • Join Your Neighbors
      • This was a huge success and we hope to do this again.
      • Thank you to sponsors (Red Stick Spice, Doe’s, Bistro Byronz, Jed’s Poboys, Tiger Deauxnuts, Gov’t Taco, Curbside Burgers, Tim’s Garage)
      • Feedback from Sheets
        • Likes – great neighbors, biking and walkable, dog-friendly, events, and the vibe!
        • Improvements – traffic improvements, more walking paths on side-streets, drainage, more doggy bins (~$600, maybe try to get sponsored by a local veterinarian)
        • Neighborhood Events – we want to try to have more of these events on a quarterly basis
          • Social events
          • Doggy meet and greet – maybe at Ingleside
          • Kid events
            • Block party with all 3 neighborhood churches and CHNA and have blow-up toys
          • Farmers markets
          • Makers Market – Penny will be hosting a Maker’s Market at Bee Nice the day of the neighborhood garage sale
          • CHNA Crawfish Boil – fundraising/membership drive
            • If we can’t get it done this year, we will try for next year
            • $25 for a t-shirt and all you can eat crawfish
        • Other Suggestions
          • Crosswalks at major intersections – we need more public outcry
            • You have to be able to show a particular number of pedestrians within a particular counting period
            • Download the 311 app and request a traffic study at S. Foster and Capital Heights
            • We would need to get our councilman involved
            • DPW is extremely against it


  • Beautification
      • Neighborhood Cleanup Day – April 13th from 8:00-12:00 (meet at Ingleside)
        • We will have coffee and donuts
        • We are going to be doing general clean up and adding new plantings at the Jefferson bed
      • Ideas – we could use plants from neighbors’ yards
        • If enough interest, we could put together a beautification committee


  • Bee Nice Concerts
      • April 26th, May 24th, June 7th, June 21st, September 13th, September 27th, October 11th
    • Neighborhood Garage Sale – May 11th
      • $10 to join and your home will go on the map
      • Bernard Terrace is going to be hosting a garage sale at the same time
        • Suggested that we do a joint map.  Addie will be in touch with rep for Bernard Terrace


  • Halloween Committee
      • We would like to try to block off some of the streets to try to make our streets safe
      • Neighbors on side-streets could come set up on the main stretch
      • To block off the streets, we would have to get feedback and approval from neighbors
      • We will start working on this by August


  • Christmas Tree Lighting
      • Presentation at Bee Nice before Christmas tree lighting


  • Mid City Redevelopments
    • Mid City Fix Up
      • Revitalizing the area between Government and North on Acadian Thruway
    • See Facebook event for more information



  • Grace Mid City – Byron
      • Spoke about the importance of developing connections and relationships  with our neighbors
      • In lieu of bible study hour before Sunday services, Grace Mid City will start having morning coffee and donuts at Bee Nice on the first Sunday of the month at 9:00 am
      • The first event will be on Easter Sunday at Bee Nice Park at 10:00 am
      • Wellness Clinic
        • The Center for Emotional Healing – licensed professional counselor
        • April 28th, May 25th – there will be an annual emotional healing at 5:00 pm


  • Crime Prevention District – Tyler Hicks
    • Funding has gone towards extra duty police patrols in the neighborhood
    • Officers have been contributing to crime prevention and are giving traffic violation tickets
    • Committees  – several committees already exist, but need to put together a beautification committee
      • Safety Committee – looking at traffic calming
        • They have brought up neighborhood watch signs or stickers
        • No-Knock signage in the neighborhood
          • We need to find out how many signs that DPW will require us to have
    • The Numbers!
      • Started patrols February 2018
      • Compared to 2017, the calls per service had gone down by half and arrests have doubled
      • Patrol hours have gone up slightly, but instances of crime and calls for service and arrests have plummeted
      • Our trend is very low, even compared to last year
      • We have a healthy surplus from last year, so we’ve created committees to find ways to utilize this surplus
    • Mandated meeting in October for the executive board


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