May 2016 Minutes

CHNA Board Meeting Minutes May 2016

Capital Heights Neighborhood Association

Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors

11 May 2016   6:15 pm


Present:  Emy Langlois,  Jacob Newsom,  Tyler Hicks, Adie Graffeo, Andy Carlson, Eric White, Elise Read

Quorum present?  Yes



Called to order

Meeting called to order at 6:15pm by Tyler, at 5580 Government Street, Baton Rouge LA 70806. 


13 April 2016  meeting minutes were approved and signed by Elise and Tyler. 


a)  Financials: 

month end April 2016 balance $4,546.31

$633 in cash to be deposited

$100 was withdrawn from petty cash for concessions

Andy will assume duties associated with the processing of online payments

b)  Administration:

Still waiting for non profit acknowledgement regarding Google

High resolution logos available for promotional materials

Lance Littlefield offered to help Tyler with the website re WordPress software, waiting on advice

c)  Meetings of community organizations:

Midcity Roundup:  reported that Midcity Redevelopment Authority has qualified for some new types of funding at the national level re neighborhood assistance, detail to be found in their press release

City Center Development District will be hosting mayor’s forum in August

Midcity Merchants – Hot Art Cool Nights event was well attended

Federation of Greater Baton Rouge Civic Associations May meeting does not concern CHNA

d)   Beautification and Improvement:

City Planning Commission to have meeting at Grace Baptist Church on May 24th from 6 to 8 pm,  seeking public  comments re changes in landscaping and other zoning type requirements which they will present to the Parish Council in June

Pocket Park – maybe consider seeking next year’s Midcity Fixup Grant application for this project

Work on Jefferson Highway planting beds is ongoing

Accepting bids for scheduled maintenance re all planting beds

New dog relief station volunteer property at Franklin and Capital Heights

Sewer improvements work continues on Hebert Street

Bridge closure at Claycut Avenue to begin in mid July and continue for 6 to 8 months.  Tyler suggested that maybe CHNA may want to consider hiring off duty policy to curtail speeding during this time.  Issue was discussed and decision was postponed.

Capital Heights Street Smarts Initiative

Prioritized list of suggested improvements which includes a new Hawk Beacon at Capital Heights and S. Foster Drive, and a new sidewalk on Claycut near the golf course, was submitted by Councilman Cole to Mayor Holden for potential inclusion within the mayor’s proposed executive budget

Tyler also forwarded the same information to the mayor’s office and was referred to the “complete streets committee”

Tyler presented this list at the Webb Park Homeowners Association meeting

e)  Newsletter: 

Emy will add content regarding the updates to BR Open Data

Add a calendar for neighborhood cycling group, and Bee Nice Concerts

Add information on city ordinances regarding streetside parking

Recap of garage sale

Pocket park experience, asking for comments and impressions

Update on sewer improvements, Claycut bridge closure in July to last up to 8 months

4)  Ongoing Business

a)   Capital Heights Security District: 

Pending  adoption of security district by electorate, general discussion about whether there may be instances where CHNA may want to hire off duty police patrols in the interim

5)  Upcoming Events

a)  Garage sale: 

Addie will buy an ad and have maps made

Date is May 21st

b)  Ingleside Block Party: 

May 21st, 3pm, they are requesting 6 to 8 volunteers to assist with children’s activities.  CHNA has volunteered to provide hot dogs and buns.

Children’s Bike Safety class will be held at 2pm  

Other business and actionable items

a)  Elise presented her research on t-shirts, no consensus was reached.  Emy to do more research.


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