June 2016 Minutes

CHNA Board Meeting Minutes June 2016


Minutes of the meeting of the Board of Directors – 8 June 2016  6:00 pm


Present:  Tyler Hicks, Emy Langlois, Addie Graffeo, Jacob Newsom, Andrew Carlson, and Eric White

Absent:  Elise Read


Meeting called to order at 6:00 pm by Mr. Hicks

Minutes of May 2016 meeting were adopted without objection



May 2016 month end balance $ 5460, adopted without objection

Mr. Hicks provided the following historical information concerning the 2015 balance sheet:

Residential memberships – $3,600

Corporate memberships – $1,100

Bee Nice Concert concessions – $2,300

Mr. Hicks presented a proposed budget for the balance of 2016, adopted without objection:

Landscaping maintenance for 3 neighborhood garden beds – $2,200

Newsletter – $160/every other month

Online survey subscription service – $100/year

Membership in Mid-City Merchants Association – $ unavailable

Beautification and infrastructure

Claycut bridge construction status:  work to begin soon, contact telephone number will be provided to anyone who requests it

New dog relief stations to be installed on corner of Franklin and Capital Heights on June Neighborhood Cleanup Day

The development of a plan for submission of a project for a 2017 Mid-city Fix up Grant will be discussed under New Business


Names of new members will be added

Email setup is still in progress


Mr. White’s name will be added as a board member

The calendar will be corrected to reflect that the social bike ride is every other week

Content will be added regarding new businesses in the area

General discussion concerning additional content

Participation in other community organizations

Mid-city Redevelopment Alliance has offered to fully sponsor Mr. Hicks and Mr. Newsome joining in an 8 person contingent from Baton Rouge which will attend a leadership development meeting in Ohio on October 20 to 23

The latest meeting with the Department of Transportation and Development concerning the Government Street Project was focused on traffic reports


There are 90 residential members

There are 10 corporate members

New Business

Membership dues amount

Discussion concerning whether a decrease in the dues amount would be beneficial to the association and generate more interest in residents to participate in the association

The following annual dues structure was adopted without objection, to be implemented at the next general meeting, to continue for a 1 year trial period, all of which will be explained in the next newsletter

Renter – $15

Senior – $15

All other – $30

Corporate  – $100, to include option for advertising on social media and print

2017 Mid-city FixUp Grant

The next newsletter will include an explanation of the grant program and solicit suggestions for project ideas

A “pocket park” is a potential project

Association will explore other opportunities for grants for public parks

Discuss w Ingleside whether Celebration Park is to be considered for public use when school not in session and whether appropriate signage is needed

Center for Planning Excellence

Discussion re whether association should join CPEX, the dues for which are $250 per year, decision was postponed until July

Other Business

Crime Prevention and Improvement District

Act 292 of the 2016 Regular Session authorized the establishment of the Capital Heights Crime Prevention and Improvement District, which will be considered by voters on the December 2016 election ballot

Current activity on part of association will be education, to include the announcement of a plan for a town hall style meeting in October to be held for informational purposes

Mr. Newsome will be the association’s liason with the Baton Rouge Police Department, which will include obtaining monthly information on crime reports in the neighborhood, data on patrols, and a comparison of Nextdoor complaints with reports on record with the police department

Upcoming Events 

Bee Nice Concert for June – Mr. Carlson will set up and purchase concessions from Costco and Sams and Mr. White will relieve Mr. Carlson at 7:30pm

June Neighborhood Cleanup Day will be June 12th, activities to include cleaning the neighborhood street signs and installation of a new dog relief station at Franklin and Capital

Federation of Greater Baton Rouge Civic Associations meeting will be held June 9th, the topic is mosquito abatement, and Ms. Graffeo will attend


The meeting adjourned at 7:45 pm

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Tyler Hicks Emy Langlois Elise Read