January 2016 Minutes

CHNA Board Minutes January 2016

Capital Heights Neighborhood Association

Minutes of the Board Meeting

13 January 2016   6:00 pm


-next Beautification date March 26 8am   Meet at Brew Ha Ha

-Community College drive was misnomered as Country Club Dr



Present:  Emy Langlois,  Jacob Newsom,  and Elise Read

Absent:  David Johnson, Tyler Hicks

Quorum present?  Yes


OTHERS PRESENT:  Addie Graffeo


  1. Meeting called to order at 6:35 pm by Emy.


  1. Minutes of the 24 November 2015 meeting were approved and signed by Emy who will present them to Tyler to sign at a later date.


  1. Reports:
  1. a)  Financials:  no report available
  2. b)  Baton Rouge Federation of Civic Associations:  no report available
  3. c)  Mid-city Redevelopment Authority:  no report available
  4. d)  Mid-city Taxing/Security District:  no report available
  5. e)  Nonprofit incorporation:  no report available
  6. f)  Landscaper progress:  Waiting on landscaper.
  7. e)  Website:

–  Emy reported improvements such as tabs and resources, including

content re government phone numbers

  1. Newsletter:
  1. a)  Emy and Addie are developing a “newsletter committee” to help with acquisition of advertising and distribution of the newsletter.


  1. b)  Emy to consult with Tyler on content for upcoming newsletter, expected for completion by January 27th, to include photos from the B.R. Marathon and something about the potential for a 2016 bill in the legislature to create a security district.


  1. c)  Jacob suggested the inclusion of content re city lighting and the need for replacement of lightbulbs.


  1. d)  Elise suggested that if the topic of lighting were covered, that maybe the issue of light pollution could also be included.


  1. e)  Jacob agreed to contact the Baton Rouge Police for the purpose of getting an either an interview or some other content to include in the newsletter relative to crime in the neighborhood.


  1. f)  Addie offered to prepare some content relative to the high level of real estate activity and property appreciation in either this or the next newsletter


  1. Upcoming Events
  1. a)  There will be a Beautification day sometime in April.


  1. b)  It was agreed that there is insufficient signage for notification of the annual meeting.
  2. c)  Emy will check to be sure that there are no major social conflicts with the date for the annual meeting.  April 10, 4pm.


  1. d)  Block captain gathering:  Emy will develop a plan for this and report back to the board at the December board meeting.


  1. e) CHNA Holiday Party:  It was agreed that there be some sort of holiday get together, such as everyone meet at a local restaurant.  Emy will investigation Brewbachers and report back to the board via email.  Potential dates:  December 14, 15, or 16


  1. Other business and actionable items
  1. a)  Jacob suggested that the annual dues be raised by $50.


  1. b)  B.R.  Marathon:  Addie suggested that CHNA join with Webb Park folks for the purpose of more actively participating in the 2017 Baton Rouge Marathon.


  1. c)  Brew HaHa $350 donation of cakeballs:  Jacob offered to consult with Tyler regarding the sale of cakeballs at future events and to possibly include a custom logo for CHNA.


  1. d)  Communal gathering:  Jacob offered to consult with Tyler re finding a local business, such as Reginelli or Rotolo’s to host a triva night or something similar, and to know ask for any donation, rather to help the business and provide for a community event.


  1. e)  Addie offered to develop a plan for two neighborhood garage sales per year, one of them to be in May.  She will report back on that issue.


  1. f)  Discussion was had as to ideas on how to reach out to renters in our neighborhood for participation in the CHNA.


  1. g)  Progress on sewer construction:  Expected to conclude at the end of January, though questions remain regarding the Claycut Bridge and sidewalks adjacent thereto.


  1. h)  Discussion of Midcity Redevelopment Alliance’s plan for closing Country Club drive was deferred.




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