February 2016 Minutes

CHNA Board Meeting Minutes February 2016

Capital Heights Neighborhood Association

Minutes of the Board Meeting

11 February 2016 6:00 pm

Present: Emy Langlois, Jacob Newsom, Tyler Hicks, and Adie Graffeo

Absent: David Johnson, Elise Read

OTHERS PRESENT: Eric White, Denise Marcelle (member, LA House of Representatives),

Lamont Cole (councilman, East Baton Rouge Parish City Council)

1) Meeting called to order at or about 6:30 by Tyler.

2) Minutes of the 13 January 2016 meeting were approved and signed by Emy and Tyler.

a) Financials: account balance $2,963.73

b) Nonprofit incorporation: Documents executed, pending one additional signature,

the non-profit will not be tax exempt due to the additional cost of filing.

c) Landscaping progress: South Foster has been planted. Jefferson Highway is next.

Lettering was applied to the back of the sign given lack of space on the front. There are

also bollards to prevent cars from destroying the sign. Sign has been paid for and

association will seek reimbursement from Mr. Doiran. The issue of controversy over

sign was discussed. It was stated that less than 10 people voiced opposition. Discussion

of potential donation back in 2014 by Beau Box company re $1,000 for landscaping.

d) Newsletter: All were delivered this month. Compliments received relative to the

slow down yard signs. A street count is needed to ensure that all address that want a

newsletter receive one. Articles from the website may be included in the newsletter.

Proposal was made regarding consideration of commercial newsletter delivery as a way

to get ad revenue. Is there an electronic means for block captains to report delivery of

newsletters? Block captains will communicate through facebook.

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e) Dog Stations: A homeowner at Capital Heights and Hebert has volunteered to host

one. There is one more left to be installed.

f) Area construction: Street construction almost complete, with repaving and resodding

left, and expected end date of mid-March 2016.

g) Midcity Redevelopment Authority has a program they would like to present relative

to public benches at the April Annual Meeting.

h) Capital Heights Security District: December ballot is preferred. Avoid a cluttered

ballot. Still feasible expense-wise. Question of the nature of the crime district was

discussed. Funds can go to anything allowed by law, but should go to crime prevention

primarily through off duty police patrols. Concern relative to speeding tickets.

a) General Meeting in April

? Professionalism and commitment is required to establish and maintain a

committee system to do the work of the association.

? A detailed discussion of the general meeting and planning for such will occur at

the March board meeting.

? Questions for committee chairs: how many meetings per year? What is

budget? How many members do you have?

? New board members must chair a committee.

b) Crawfish boil: Vote for this event will be postponed until the first Bee Nice Concert.

c) Garage sale: Do not schedule sale the weekend of Jazz Festival or Memorial Day.

5) Other business and actionable items

a) Question as to value of membership in Federation of Associations. Research of their

agendas may be helpful.

b) Motion was approved to budget $100 per year for online polls.