August 2016 Minutes

CHNA Board minutes August 2016

Capital Heights Neighborhood Association

Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors

10 August 2016 6:15 pm


Present: Jacob Newsom, Tyler Hicks, Andy Carlson, Eric White, Elise Read

Absent: Emy Langlois and Adie Graffeo

Quorum present? Yes


1) Called to order

Meeting called to order at 6:15pm by Mr. Hicks at 5580 Government Street, Baton Rouge LA 70806.

2) Minutes

July 2016 meeting minutes were approved and signed by Mr. Hicks and Ms. Read.

3) Reports:

a) Financials:

? Month end July 2016 bank account balance was $5,462.33

? By motion of Mr. Hicks, board consideration of a proposed 2017 budget was postponed

until the September board meeting without objection.

b) Administration:

? Regarding email accounts, motion of Mr. Hicks to convert to using a single "info" gmail

account was adopted without objection. This will be noted in the next newsletter.

? Recognition of CHNA's nonprofit status has not yet be acknowledged by Google.

c) Meetings of community organizations:

? Midcity Redevelopment Authority will hold a roundtable meeting on August 25th, Mr.

Newsome will attend.

? City Center Development District meeting provided that due to road construction the I-110

exit at Washington Street will be closed and traffic will be rerouted to Terrance Avenue.

? Midcity Merchants Association will hold a Mid-Summer Night event on August 25, 2016.

d) Beautification and Improvement:

? The city has issued public information concerning the Mayor's Greenlight II program, which

contains a proposal for a new sidewalk on Claycut Road South from Foster Drive to Country

Club Drive.

? Work on the Jefferson Highway planting beds was discussed, including a suggestion by Mr.

White that the next neighborhood cleanup day be advertised on the NextDoor website.

? The Government Street construction project is rumored to begin July 2017.

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? Concerning the dog relief station on the corner of Hebert Street and Capital Heights

Avenue, Mr. Hicks has as yet been unable to contact the new owner of the property

concerning emptying the bin.

? Mr. Hicks made a request to CPEX seeking information from their road use study concerning

the recommended modes of usage of Capital Heights Avenue by pedestrians, an answer is


4) New Business

? Re a potential future MidCity FixUp grant application, Mr. Hicks suggested that the

Duplantis Auto Body Shop on Capital Heights Avenue be preliminarily considered or the

next project. Certain members of CHNA have offered to explore the idea with the property

owner and will advise the board regarding this project at a future date.

? Discussion was had concerning a policy change allowing for a reduced senior citizen

membership rate to be implemented in 2016, without action.

? Consideration of whether or not to send a mailer card to CHNA members was postponed

until the October board meeting.

? Mr. Hicks advised that Councilmen Cole had been in contact with Police Chief Dabadie's

office concerning the designation of a permanent official police liaison for Capital Heights,

and further information is expected in this regard.

4) Ongoing Business

a) Capital Heights Crime Prevention and Improvement District:

? Appointments to the board are pending.

? Discussion of the district will be a highlight of the November 13, 2016 3pm general meeting.

b) Concerning the recent pop-up park project on the concrete pad abutting Ward's Creek on

Capital Heights Avenue, ownership of that property will need to be determined before future

projects might be considered for that site. Mr. Newsome offered to try to determine who owns

the property.