April 2016 Minutes

CHNA Board Meeting Minutes April 2016

Capital Heights Neighborhood Association

Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors

13 April 2016   6:00 pm


Present:  Tyler Hicks, Elise Read, Addie Graffeo,  and Jacob Newsom

Absent:  Emy Langlois

Quorum present?  Yes

  OTHERS PRESENT:  Andrew Carlson and Eric White


Meeting called to order at or about 6:00 by Tyler. 


Minutes of the 9 March 2016 meeting, by motion of Tyler adopted without objection and signed by Tyler and Elise. 



March 2016 month end account balance $3,194.18, by motion of Tyler adopted without objection

Tyler and Andy will develop procedures for the recordation of new memberships, enhanced policies to ensure accuracy of records, updates to existing spreadsheets accounting for association, and the establishment of privileges for certain board members for electronic documents.

Beautification and Infrastructure:

Benches:  Tyler reported on efforts of the Mid-City Redevelopment Alliance concerning neighborhood public benches.  He suggested the association move forward on installing two of these on Capital Heights Avenue –  one outside of UMC, and another on Capital Heights Avenue in proximity to the creek.  Tyler will follow up on this.  General discussion re need for artistic work on the benches and  solicitation of neighborhood volunteer artists re designs.  General discussion re concern over the benches not being stolen, though no consensus on whether this is an issue for a board decision at this point.


Planting beds: 

Tyler reported re painting of utility box in the planting bed on S. Foster Street, including contact with Amanda Tackis of B.R.EC.  The city owns this planting bed.  Utility boxes have been painted in the city of Baker.  Ms. Tackis approached the city Dept of Public Works with this request and was denied.  General discussion and consensus that more outreach must occur with BREC and that there will be another request made to DPW specifically for Capital Heights neighborhood.

Tyler reported that the landscaper has reconfirmed their intention to develop the Jefferson Highway bed and also will explore the potential for hooking up water service on the Foster Blvd bed.  There is also preliminary discussion with landscaper re ongoing bed maintenance.

Culverts:   General discussion re potential for painting culverts in the neighborhood. A design would be needed.

Dog relief stations:   Tyler advised that the final one will be installed at Hebert and Capital Heights.

Area construction:  There will be more construction to connect the last house on Hebert Street.    

Other:  Tyler advised that the association has received a $150 Home Depot gift card.  No decision was made as to expenditure.

c)  Website

General discussion was had re the need for a person who knows WordPress software to assist with the website.  Tyler will consult with Julius to determine how to make some specific changes, including adding Addie, Jacob, and Andy. 

A few high resolution photographs are needed for improving the  interface of  website.  Elise and Tyler will work on this.

General discussion was had regarding content.  Information will be updated,  and a link to the MidCity Redevelopment Alliance plus information regarding volunteer opportunities for the Bee Nice Concerts will be added. 

Motion by Tyler to approve spending $100 per year for online polls was adopted without objection

New Business:

a)  Dept. of Public Works activity:

DPW has not yet switched the speed limit signs from 30 to 25 mph.  Tyler will contact them. 

A homeowner on Steele Blvd contacted Tyler about efforts to discourage the use of Steele as a shortcut through the Government Street.  He suggested the new speed limit signs should help, and that any other measures may be costly and thus may not be feasible on the part of the city.  The homeowner also inquired about converting Steele to a one way street.  Tyler advised that if preliminary approval (_____ from who?)   to pursue this, the interested party would be the one responsible for securing the legally mandated evidence of 70% approval of the affected property owners.  It was decided that if the issue is pursued, the suggestion would include a 6 week pilot effort with regard to the conversion of this street to one way.

New Board members:

By motion of Tyler, Addie Graffeo, Andy Carlson, and Eric White were elected to the board without objection.

Corporate members:

Tyler advised that there were three new corporate memberships:  Addie Graffeo Realtor, David Mooney, and Contrast Films.

By motion of Tyler, adopted without objection, corporate sponsors will be offered one free ad per year, and it may be a coupon.  Emy and Addie will notify the corporate members.

Upcoming events:

Volunteers for food sales at Bee Nice Concerts:  Tyler will add to the website a method where neighbors can volunteer to man the food table.

General discussion was had about whether there will be a specific CHNA fundraiser this spring, and the decision was postponed.

Hot Art Cool Nights:  The event is May 6th.  Tyler will have a banner made for the association and he will set up a table at Studio C on Government Street.  Eric and Jacob volunteered to assist. 

Neighborhood Garage Sale Committee:  Addie will chair this effort.  General discussion was had re need for promotional materials, and publication of CHNA and its sponsors in this regard.  By motion of Tyler, and without objection, it was decided that a newspaper ad will be bought for no more than $50. 


Elise suggested that there be a limited number of custom t-shirts made for the board members to wear at association functions and for folks who volunteer on behalf of the association at functions, particularly Bee Nice Concerts.  Elise will research and report.

Ingleside UMC yard: 

There is a pre-school operated out of the Ingleside UMC facility.  The garden area behind the facility is being used by the pre-school for children’s play, however, it could benefit from some modest improvements.  General discussion was had as to whether the association might want to consider a fundraiser of some sort to support improvements to this area.  No decision was made.

Other business and actionable items

a)  Dinner for a cause:

Jacob suggested there be another “dinner for a cause”.   A decision on a date was postponed until the May board meeting, and the date will be published in the June newsletter.

b)  Federation Greater Baton Rouge Civic Association meetings:

Discussion was had about attendance by board members at the association’s meetings which are the second Thursday of the month, at 6 or 7pm, at the main library on Goodwood Blvd.  It was decided that the board members will rotate attendance responsibilities, based on alphabetical order of first names.  Elise will attend the meeting on April 14th.  The rotation will begin with Addie in May. 


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