2017 CHNA General Meeting Minutes

Capital Heights Neighborhood Association 2017 Spring General Meeting


$3228.08  as of 4/2/17

2146.69 due 1/1/18 from CH Crime Prevention District for ballot costs

Revenue Update as of April 2017

41 residential memberships $1125 (7 renter/ senior) 50% new!! 

only 3 dues paying corporate members $300 (3 other in-kind members)

No Bee Nice concerts, yet this year so no concession revenue (luckily we budgeted extremely conservatively anticipating fewer concerts this year)

2017 Budget (adopted Fall 2016)   

PROMO -$1500 (revised to include -$500 corporate mailer)

newsletter printing ($150 x 6)  -900

garage sale notices ($30 x 2) -60

christmas tree -300

member decals -160 (plan to print double we’ve done for 2016 and give away freely)

Corporate mailer -$500

Fundraising +1350  (revised to $825 due to fewer Bee Nice)

Garage Sale sign up (30 participants) +300  

Bee Nice supplies -750 (+60 x 12)  (revised to -$375)

Bee Nice proceeds +1800 ($150 x 12)  (revised to +900)  

Dues  +$3800

Residential (full @ $30 x 60) +1800

Residential (discount @ $20 x 40)  +800

Corporate (12x$100) +1200

Beautification  -2040 (revised to -$2160)

Doggie bags -60 (revised to $180. )

Landscaper -1980

Association Dues  -425

MCM -125


CPEX -200

Admin -110

Website -40

PO Box -70

End of 2017 balance =

$3232 +$2150 owed by CHCPD

Old Business

-Government Street project is going ahead.  Contract signed by BRgov in March.  Bids go out this Summer. 

-Beer Garden is moving ahead

-Square 46 slated to open in June

-Mid City Mardi Gras parade founded in Capital Heights.  To be bigger and better next year!

-Councilman Cole had S Foster median curb fixed and improved to cut down on likelihood of cars hitting sign

-Working with Councilman Cole and DPW on addressing speed issues in neighborhood (restriping, moving stop signs, HAWK beacons and traffic pinches being discussed)

-Claycut Bridge to be reopened in late Summer?

-results from CHNA project questionnaire

-website hacked

-Crime District created.  Monies to be available Jan 2018.  Next CD meeting to be announced.  information available on website

-Capital Heights Parklet

New Business

-Board members / officers.  Tyler Hicks and Emy Langlois nominated to serve another 2 year term.  Two open seats available.  All officers have agreed to continue to serve in current capacity unless interest shown from a new board member.

-Motion to drop Fall General Meeting and only have Spring meeting.  Adopted.

Upcoming Events

Monday Nights CH Running Club 6:15 at Phil Bradys

Wed night CH Cruiser Ride 6:30 Ingleside UMC

Sunday Nights Open Mic at Brew Ha Ha

Bee Nice Concerts April 28, May 12 May 26 (more to be scheduled)

Hot Art Cool Nights May 12

Parklet Work Days

Sat April 15 (more wood cutting, painting, and deck assembly)

Sat May 6 (wood cutting, painting, and deck assembly)

Sat May 20th Neighborhood Wide Garage Sale

Sun May 21 (if needed)

Sat June 10 (final judging day) (final touches, and plan installation)

Dates To Be Determined

Fall Garage Sale

Fall Beautification Day

Christmas Tree Lighting